Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night continues the international focus that is at the heart of all of our work: bringing together Indigenous cultures from around the globe to celebrate our diversity, artistic scope and to collaborate on new creative possibilities. Red Sky is about expanding its influence and reach to everyone. Red Sky at Night celebrates the many nations under one sky.

Launched in October 2003 to a sold-out house at Little Italy's hotspot, Revival, the second Red Sky at Night took place on August 17, 2004 at The Carlu. This 850-seat Concert Hall also sold out, and featured Canada's Tomson Highway, Susan Aglukark, Sandra Laronde, George Leach, Amos Key Jr, and Lisa Odjig; Peru's Patricia Cano, and Greenland's Makka Kleist. The evening featured thrilling excerpts from Red Sky's celebrated works Caribou Song and Raven Stole the Sun performed by Sandra Laronde, Carlos Rivera, Jonathan Fisher, Rick Sacks, and Rick Shadrach Lazar.

Red Sky at Night is a truly spectacular and hip evening of live music, dance, and theatre from a line-up of outstanding international Indigenous performers.


"My God that was amazing! I'm so proud of what Red Sky is doing. I can't wait to see the next production."
- Josh Peltier

"What was particularly impressive about Red Sky at Night was the extraordinary diversity of the audience - all ages - all backgrounds - enjoying themselves together."
- John Hobday

"Striking in many ways...any single act could have been a headliner...a sold out crowd of 850 people on a balmy Tuesday night at the Carlu. No one left disapppointed."
- Tansi