Top 2003 Dance Picks

The year's mixed program by Paula Citron

Globe and Mail, Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The Top 10

1. Red Sky's Dancing Americas. Canada/Mexico co-production conceived by aboriginal wunderkind Sandra Laronde, with stunning choreography by Peter Chin inspired by the migration of the monarch butterfly.

2. Japan's Kim Itoh + The Glorious Future. The international bad boy whose cynical works about the human condition drip irony because there is no glorious future.

3. The best of fFIDA: Futari en trois couleurs by Louis Laberge-Cote and Keiko Ninomiya; Fourteen clever vignettes depicting images from French and Japanese culture.

4. Malgorzata Nowack's Light Explorations of a Darker Nature. Exciting punk-goethic aesthetic coupled with deep intellect.

5. The best of FIND #1: Ballett Frankfurt and William Forsythe's One Flat Thing, Reproduced. A breathtaking battle between the body and the space it occupies.

6. The best of FIND #2: Vancouver's Battery Opera and Spektator. Artistic co-directors Lee Su-Feh and David McIntosh's epic using the metaphor of Filipino cockfighting as a searing indictment of humanity and exploitation.

7. Montreal's Laurence Lemieux and Varenka, Varenka! A poignant duet performed with husband Bill Coleman depicting the ill-fated romance from Dostoyevsky's Poor Folk.

8. England's Akram Khan Dance Company and Kaash. A brilliant homage to Shiva filled with explosive dance anchored in the soul of a god.

9. Matjash Mrozewski's Monument. A provocative, complex work for the National Ballet that deconstructs the very nature of dance and its history.

10. Sarah Chase. In April, she created Crazy Motels Holy for Toronto Dance Theatre, and in September she debuted Contralateral Duets for Heidi Strauss and Darryl Tracy. One of the best in the country for fusing text, physicality, humour and pathos.


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