Open Global Challenge


This program was developed for Aboriginal children and youth living in at-risk communities, including rural, reserve and remote, and who are in-turn isolated from art, culture and live performing arts.  This program themes stemming from our new multi-disciplinary theatrical creation Pony UP as a jumping point to engage children and youth.  Central to the story of Pony Up is a young Native American Indian/First Nations girl who has grown up feeling isolated and different from other children.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The problem is over 50% of Aboriginal children are poor, 48% of Aboriginal youth have not completed high school, and are 5X times more likely to commit suicide than non-Aboriginal youth.  Aboriginal children/youth reside in rural, reserve and remote communities (communities already isolated by geography) isolating them from their culture and restricting their sense of cultural pride.  Our work creates a positive impact on children when they see their own stories reflected back to them.

How will this project solve this problem?

Our work meets a vital need for community connection in isolated, underserved and at-risk communities where exposure to culturally relevant contemporary Indigenous artistic genres can make a positive contribution to the health and quality of life within these communities.  Pony UP explores and reveals the beauty found in the artistic place where world Indigenous cultures meet, touching on universal themes of shared histories and cultural parrallels that unite humanity in a non-Western perspective.

Potential Long Term Impact

Pony UP! Empowering Youth through Theatre promises to have significant benefits for children & youth in at-risk communities and those communities isolated by geography:  rural-reserve-remote.  It also benefits the artists involved.  Red Sky generates considerable exposure and profile for individual artists both within Aboriginal and mainstream communities, and this in turn helps their respective careers to flourish.

Project Message

Our heartfelt thanks for bringing this amazing performance to our school.  You had the entire audience spell-bound!  The kids and the teachers were all still raving about this today.  It was brilliant! - Carla Pauls, Teacher, Exshaw School

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date:  $0                                                                             Remaining Goal to be Funded:  $25,000                                                                             Total Funding Goal:  $25,000