Wildlife Facts

Walrus: That guy has a big appetite

Located at 67 ° latitude, -64° longitude.



Walrus have long ivory tusks that are used for many things, including protection from attack by polar bears, killer whales and local hunters in kayaks. They are big and clumsy on land, but very fast in water. Air sacs in the Walrus' neck allow it to sleep with its head held up in the water. They have a very long life span, sometimes living to be 50 years old.


Walrus eat clams, for which they dive down 300 feet to retrieve from the sea bottom. A walrus can eat 4,000 clams in one feeding!


Walrus live in the water where they can stay submerged for as long as ten minutes. They dive for food and come to the surface for air about every five to ten minutes.

Image: By Captain Budd Christman, NOAA Corps. Public domain

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