Wildlife Facts

Seals: Are those feet on backwards?

Located at 67 ° latitude, -96° longitude.



Young pups have soft white fur, while the adults' fur is darker and thicker, better suited for the Arctic temperatures. It is the soft white fur of the babies that attracts hunters and has caused many people to come to their defense, asking governments to restrict and even to ban the hunting of seals. Their rear flippers are turned backward. This improves their swimming, but makes it difficult to move around on land because their toes point backwards.


Seals eat fish like Arctic Cod as well as crustaceans and mollusks.


Seals swim in Arctic waters, living under the ice for long periods. They dig breathing holes in the ice. It is when they poke their noses through the breathing holes that they are often caught by the polar bears.

Image: By Lee Cooper. Public Domain.

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