Wildlife Facts

Polar Bears

Located at 58 ° latitude, -94° longitude.



Polar bears' white coats provide camouflage that makes them almost invisible as they stalk their prey in the ice and snow. Polar bears are very dangerous and grow to a huge size, weighing as much as a small automobile (more than 1000 kgs or 2205 lbs). They have long legs and big feet that help to distribute their weight as they walk on thin ice over the Arctic waters. Their fur is made of hollow hairs that trap air and helps to insulate them in the frigid waters.


They hunt seal and other animals, rarely coming on land, except on islands and rocky points. In winter they hunt along the Arctic shelves looking for tasty seals, fish, and even humans!


Polar Bears live year round near Arctic waters. They are strong swimmers and can stay submerged for two minutes at a time.

Image: By Mila Zinkova. Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 General

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