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Lemmings: If your friend jumped off a cliff...?

Located at 68 ° latitude, -126° longitude.



Lemmings are small mouse-like animals that live in the tundra. In summer they are brown, but in winter they are all white. Their white coats help them to hide from the Snowy Owls.


Lemmings eat lichen, moss and grass.


Lemmings migrate to wherever food is available. They will run in one direction through meadows, woods and towns. If they come to a large body of water they will swim and swim looking for land. Some people think that lemmings run and jump off cliff on purpose, but this is not true. They have very poor eye-sight and simply don't always see the dangers ahead.


Lemmings live in damp forests and bushy places. In the Arctic, they dig tunnels under the snow.

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Image: Public domain

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