Wildlife Facts

The Arctic Tern

Located at 69 ° latitude, -91° longitude.

This amazing bird flies thousands of miles from the South Pole (Antarctic) to the Arctic (20,000 miles or 32,000 km). The tern flies to the Arctic to nest and raise its young. As the tern flies, it is able to catch insects. It also dives to the surface of water to catch small fish in its beak. They have even been seen sleeping in flight.

An Arctic Tern is white with a greyish back and a black cap on the head. Its legs and beak are red, and it has a forked tail and long wings.

The nest is built on the tundra or on a stony beach near water. The mother tern lays two or three eggs. The chicks are well camouflaged in their nests. If anyone comes near the nest, the Arctic Tern gives out warning calls and attacks with their claws and beak. In October, terns leave the Arctic to fly back to the Antarctic.

Here is a very kid friendly site with pictures and information about the Wildlife of the Arctic.

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