High-five from Bayview Community Elementary in Vancouver, BC


“It was a fabulous performance; we really enjoyed it. I’ll never look at a raven the same way again!”
– Hugh Hooper, Principal, Bayview Community Elementary, Vancouver, BC

Tono at Luminato Festival 2009


This past weekend, we had our dance piece, Tono, as part of Luminato Festival in Toronto.  With the festival just opening this weekend, there was high energy and anticipation across the city.  Opening night at the Fleck Dance Theatre was a blast, having a full house of an excited audience.  With gorgeous weather and a responsive audience, we were bound to have our best performance on the Saturday evening. 

EXCLUSIVE Red Sky Cultivation Event for Tono at Luminato 2009

Event Date: May 28, 2009


Last night was Red Sky’s Cultivation Event, leading up to our performances at Luminato next weekend. The event was held at the WNED loft in downtown Toronto, where attendees were invited to a sneak preview of the live music in Tono featuring artists direct from Mongolia! They performed to a select group of donors, media, sponsors, funders and friends.

Raven Update from the Road, Winter 2009


It has been just over two months on the road, and it doesn't seem like any time at all. We've been back and forth over the country, jetting out to BC twice. This is a province with which we've all fallen a little in love. The laid back attitude, especially on Salt Spring Island, has helped to slow down our pace a little. It's easy enough to get caught up in the rush of things, especially with two shows a day, often in different venues. Of course this keeps us busy, but the time we've had here has provided even more opportunity to connect, to really see the communities we're touching.

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